Glass, Window, Facade Cleaning

We direct our services in cleaning window panes, sides and corners of the windows, glass panes in order to make every nook of your building dust free. We also take care of the building outlook by involving our team in facade cleaning. We intently focus in giving you dirt free and clean surroundings so that you and your employees can invest more of their time and attention to the work.

Interior & Floor cleaning

We understand that it is necessary to keep the interior of a building as clean as the exterior appearance. Thus, our team efficiently works in cleaning the floor and interior of the building including tables, chairs, sofa and other objects kept inside. We believe in using best tools and products to manage the housekeeping services for you and also we make use of the latest technologies in hand.

Washroom cleaning

The major portion of cleanliness activities is concerned with washrooms as they are the places that are the most vulnerable in producing disease causing bacteria. Thus, it is necessary that washroom hygiene is given utmost attention and this is what we also believe in. Our professional team of cleaners are well trained in cleaning your washrooms with extra attention thereby giving you a germ free surrounding.

Garden Maintainance

One of the best and special features that our firm has come up with is its facility to maintain your gardens. We take essential care in maintaining the gardens by periodically grooming them. We hire professionals in providing services which include mowing of grass, trimming of plants, watering them daily and so on. The products we use are all environment friendly and therefore, this enhances in the beautification of gardens even more.

Pantry Boy / Office Boy

Advance Facility Management offers you the pantry boy and office boy services as well. With a number of tasks to perform you often need someone who could do small tasks for you like opening and closing of office daily, to deliver and pick up mails, messages and parcels from one or the other place, to make photocopies of certain documents and reports. All these tasks could be made really simple by assigning an office boy. Our firm provides you this service by allocating reliable and trusted workers to manage these tasks for you. We assure you that workers are hired only after their full proof identity and background verification so that you can be carefree in assigning them different tasks.

Guest House Caretaker

We provide you the top-notch hospitality services in Mumbai. We hold a good experience in Guest House management services and look forward to keep the guests satisfied with our work. We employ well-mannered and sophisticated team members to uphold the standards matching to your demands. Our team is highly qualified in professionally managing the entire guesthouse and the surrounding area. Special attention is given to cleanliness and hygiene so that the guests have a pleasant experience throughout.